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Distance Education


Career Shine Academy is the best educational platform that is offering several courses in a efficient way through correspondence in distance education. It has been started in 2016 and is successfully helping numerous students their educational dream get fulfilled. With its wide scope of education and varied teaching methods, many students are able to successfully get through their dreams. We aim to introduce advanced education to the people who want to walk that extra mile that takes them nearer to their dream. We understand the stress in the present professional scenario and the need of higher qualification to make the grade. Distance Education School offers an efficient and convenient way to manage higher education along with the present professional schedule by opting customized lecture timings for the desired program subjects. With the presence of several characteristics of able learning and many top academic teachers to guide the students throughout the program, Career Shine Academy is offering its best. It is a Government enlisted on association run and overseen by Students Resources 'Instructive Society. It is set up to import training through standard and separation mode to energetic understudies. It is resolved to give quality based training to upgrade the regular and shrouded capacity understudies. It props up polished skill via preparing youth through avant-garde logical approach.

What Special Benefits We Have For You?

We offer several undergraduate and post-graduate courses including MBA, Btech, Bcom, BSC, BA and BBA.

–> Devoted Student Support

–> Broad corporate connections

–> Bigger arrangement situation/p>

–> Over 200 employees to offer assistance

–> Huge Alumni

–> Suitable timings for the subject addresses

–> EMI office from a wide range of national banks

–> Professional instructive projects from surely understood Universities

We have changed the lives of a few understudies by connecting their vocation with huge brand names of India. We draw out the genuine capability of each understudy with our best in class e-learning programs. Distance Education School is the complete learning platform where students get 100% flexibility and assistance regarding their chosen professional programs. Join our glorious journey to create milestones in your career and contribute to the nation’s educational growth.


It is chiefly meant for people with limited time and resources. A working professional, fresh graduate, or stay-at- home mother – anyone interested in pursuing an MBA course can opt for it. All one requires is a bachelor’s degree, meeting the course eligibility criteria. Cost of the course is much less than regular or part-time MBA.


It is for the students who want to make a mark in the engineering field but are not getting time for regular education

Other graduate courses:

Btech, Bcom, BSC, BA and BBA